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City of Kansas City, Missouri

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Applicant Proposed address Date submitted
Williams-Sonoma Stores, Inc.400 West 47th Street, Kansas City, MO 6411207/21/2014
Williams-Sonoma Stores, Inc.400 West 47th Street, Kansas City, MO 6411207/21/2014
Leona Graham10450 Holmes St., Suite 100, Kansas City, MO 6413107/21/2014
Duc Vu2839 e 9th st kansas city mo 6412707/21/2014
Shelisa Thomas8434 Prospect07/18/2014
Shelisa Thomas8434 Paseo07/18/2014
Shelisa Thomas8950 Wornall Rd07/18/2014
Shelisa Thomas11611 Hickman mills drive07/18/2014
Shelisa Thomas7110 Wyandotte07/18/2014
Shelisa Thomas332 W 751h street07/18/2014
Shelisa Thomas7140 Wornall Rd07/18/2014
Gary Simons301 ne 91st kansas city, mo 6415507/18/2014
Peter Chung10539 Monroe Ave07/18/2014
Peter Chung10539 Monroe Ave07/18/2014
Shelisa Thomas712 E 85th street07/16/2014
Shelisa Thomas7803 Indiana07/16/2014
Shelisa Thomas1340 east 85th street07/16/2014
Shelisa Thomas3117 E 77th Terrace07/16/2014
Shelisa Thomas3032 East 77th Terr07/16/2014
Shelisa Thomas7240 Prospect07/16/2014
Shelisa Thomas3036 East 77th Terr07/16/2014
Mark Brannon4312 Genessee KCMO 6411107/15/2014
Sue Van Wazer8341 NW Mace Rd, KCMO 6415207/15/2014
Danielle Bennett2450 Grand Blvd. Suite 110 Kansas City Missouri 6410807/14/2014
Jay Highley8550 North Madison Avenue KC, MO 6415507/14/2014
Joseph Navarre8924 N Oak TFWY07/14/2014
Christopher Heizer4840 Paseo Blvd., 2 South07/13/2014
Lori Nightingale2239 east 70th street kansas city, mo. 6413207/10/2014